In the dynamic world of middle market companies, a trusted and experienced advisor can make all the difference. Casey Fernandez, a dedicated business advisor based in Florida, has been helping medium market companies navigate the complex world of risk and insurance for more than 20 years. Casey's expertise lies in delivering customized and captive risk solutions to businesses that refuse to settle for market defaults. With a solid commitment to reducing the total cost of risk for his clients, Casey is not just an advisor; he's a partner in their journey to success.

Customized Risk Solutions:

One of the standout features of Casey's approach is his commitment to providing tailored risk solutions. He recognizes that every business is unique, and that's why he takes the time to understand his client's specific needs. He then crafts risk management strategies that are specific to their business. This personalized approach ensures that his clients have the proper protection in place, minimizing their exposure to risks while keeping costs in check.

Rewarding Excellence:

For businesses with an insurance spend exceeding $250,000, Casey offers a remarkable program that rewards companies for maintaining an excellent loss history. Through this program, clients can earn up to 60% of their insurance spend back. This initiative demonstrates Casey's dedication to helping businesses not just manage their risks but also reap the benefits of responsible risk management.

Beyond Business: A Personal Glimps

Casey's life extends beyond the boardroom. He's a father of three children and a stepdad to one, and he treasures the moments spent with his grown children scattered across different time zones. He's also a passionate sports enthusiast, ardently supporting his beloved Boston Red Sox and Florida Gators football teams. However, even as he experiences the ups and downs of sports, Casey's commitment to his clients remains unwavering.

On a cooler day in Florida, you might catch Casey on the golf course with friends. It's a perfect opportunity for him to unwind and network while enjoying the great outdoors. Born in Mexico, Casey has a unique multicultural background, often joking about being the "Irish-Mexican." He can hold a passable conversation in Spanish and playfully claims to be off the grid between St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo.

A Willing Helper:

Despite his impressive professional track record, Casey remains approachable and always willing to help. His dedication to assisting those in need extends beyond the prospect of gaining business. Whether you're a business owner looking to lower your total cost of risk or seeking guidance on risk and insurance matters, Casey is a resourceful ally who will point you in the right direction.


Casey's expertise lies in offering proactive risk and insurance services to businesses that deserve the best. His commitment to crafting customized solutions, rewarding excellence, and providing a personal touch sets him apart as a trusted advisor in the world of middle-market companies. Whether it's helping companies control their risks or assisting them in reducing their total cost of risk, Casey's dedication to his clients is a testament to his professionalism and integrity.

For over two decades, Casey has been a guiding light for middle market companies, offering them advice and a true partnership in managing their risks and insurance needs. His commitment to delivering customized solutions, rewarding excellence, and maintaining a personal connection with his clients sets him apart as a business advisor with a difference. With Casey by their side, businesses can navigate the challenging world of risk management with confidence and expertise.

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