Exceptional Service and Reasonable Cost 

“Recently, we relocated our entire Call Center operation to a new office, and the Aurora team was able to pull it off with minimal to no interruption in business and services. Their dedication and hard work have ensured that we have seamlessly continued with our operations, and we are extremely grateful for their exceptional service and reasonable costs.

Roy and the team he has at Aurora Infotech have been an incredible asset to our business, and I recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional service and expertise.

Thank you, Aurora Infotech, for your exceptional work."

Phillip Comino Vice President of Sales
Vacation VIP

Aurora InfoTech On Your Side!

"Thank you, Aurora InfoTech, for jumping on this and being proactive with getting us long-term, cost-effective cloud solutions in a short-term turnaround, especially during an impeding COVID-19 crisis. Having your VCIO services over the past year has given us a real sense of security when it comes to the everchanging and increasing threats of cyber hackers.

Having our own Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) who works on the same side of the table to provide technological solutions that fit our company's unique and individual needs is as important as the internet, electricity, and water. Your expertise has made our processes more efficient, thereby giving long term cost savings. You guys are awesome, and we appreciate everything you are doing for us!!"

Christina Beckett President
USA Roller Chain


"Said differently, there are a thousand things to be worried about in today's technical environment. Working with Aurora InfoTech has given me the confidence that I don't have to worry about being down or experiencing an incident; they've done the work upfront to protect me. I don't think about my environment as much anymore; I have confidence.

Aurora InfoTech worked from a plan, a road map, and a blueprint. They are like a field general at war; they map the tech, plan the tech, and execute—excellent planning and execution.

Go with Aurora InfoTech. Honest, no-nonsense, get-it-done group. The most professional group we've dealt with. If you want a secure environment, a solid plan, and a company that is always three steps ahead of your thinking, go with Aurora InfoTech."

Brad McDonald Brad McDonald Managing Partner
Vacation VIP

Experts and Top-Notch Support

"As a business owner, communication is essential for excellent customer service. That's why I chose Aurora Infotech; they could explain complex issues and provide the necessary knowledge to protect my business.

Aurora Infotech's dedication to their customers stood out to me; they prioritized my needs and worked around the clock. They're more than a contractor; they're an essential part of my team.

Aurora Infotech's IT security solutions have been crucial to my business's success. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable, and their customer service has been top-notch. If you're looking for an IT security company that will act as an extension of your team, I highly recommend Aurora Infotech."

Ahmad Sadiq Ahmad Sadiq President
Landtrust Title of Central FL

Delivered With 5-Star Service

"Moving our company to our own facility meant that we also had to take on the responsibility of managing our own IT network.

Our data network is vital to our daily operations, so we knew that we needed to hire a qualified company to design, deploy, and secure our new IT Network. Aurora InfoTech did all of that and more for us… they knew everything about what we wanted and delivered it with 5-star service. Our move to the new building went without a hitch and near-zero downtime thanks to Aurora InfoTech."

Roger Collins Vice President
Collins Research Inc dba Flame Boss

Peace OF Mind

"Aurora InfoTech provides me with Peace of mind knowing that I have the best company monitoring my systems around the clock. Most companies I looked at offered one or two basic products. Aurora InfoTech had more layers of sophisticated monitoring systems than any of the other companies.

Aurora InfoTech also do quarterly business reviews that help keep me updated with potential threats, compare actual products & services for the money, and forecast my future growth.  It is a no brainer why I hired Aurora InfoTech."

Brian Fatigati President
ARX Payment Services

New Phone System Delivered

"We have developed a great partnership with Aurora Infotech over the past several months. Their team has worked tirelessly to help us transition to a new phone system. Roy was an exceptional part of this experience; whenever I needed anything, I knew I could count on him.  Having little personal experience with telecommunications, Roy did an excellent job explaining the industry to me. Roy went above and beyond with helping this transition be as seamless as possible. 

Working with Aurora Infotech, I did not feel like I was just another client to them. Our problems became their problems, and they worked diligently to solve them; if you want a company that is going to look out for your best interest, look no further than Aurora Infotech." 

Marie Peterson Regional Sales Manager

Eliminated Slow & Spotty WIFI

"When we began experiencing slow and spotty WiFi access, we asked Aurora InfoTech to investigate the problem. Rather than explaining the cause to us in technical terms, they really went the extra mile by using heat maps and other tools to thoroughly illustrate how and why the issue was occurring.

Their proposed solutions and pricing options resolved our issue and within our budget. Since then, Aurora InfoTech has managed our network with immediate and reliable service."

Michael Weiss Associate Director
UCF Business Incubation Program

A Valued & Trusted Technology Partner

As a consultant, Aurora InfoTech is an extremely reliable business partner and works closely with us on solutions that are in the best interest of the company. I had the pleasure of working with one of their managing partners, Roy Richardson, who was insourced as an interim COO of our company.

His management of the entire Operations Department is commendable as was his understanding of the financial and operational aspects of not only the operations department, but the company in its entirety.

Christina Sprock Chief Commercial Officer
United Telecommunication Services

Resolved Account Hack When Others Failed!!

I came to Aurora InfoTech after I'd been unsuccessful multiple times trying to gain access to my G-Suite. My email account was highjacked after receiving an email from a client whose account was compromised. Up to that point, Google had been of little help, and since my email accounts were disabled and locked down, I was locked out of everything including a good portion of correspondence for my business. This was going on for nearly three weeks having myself, my technician and my web person attempt unsuccessfully to restore my accounts.

Roy Richardson at Aurora InfoTech was able to provide direction and support I needed to fully recover my account. After everything, I was up within a matter of 24 hours.

Dawn R. Jensen President
Virtual Options