What Can You Do to Find Out If Your Team Is Doing Anything That Would Make Your Company Vulnerable?

  • Are you actively understanding and overseeing your company’s Cybersecurity program?
  • Do you have confidence in its effectiveness and the level of protection it provides?
  • Or, have you relied on luck without truly knowing if your investments are making a meaningful impact?

As a business leader, it's something with which you're very familiar: accountability.

Key Features of Our CSO Services:

  • Risk Management and Mitigation: We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to your organization. Our CSO develops proactive risk management strategies, implements appropriate controls, and establishes incident response plans to minimize the impact of security incidents.
  • Security Governance and Compliance: Our CSO ensures your company adheres to relevant security standards, regulations, and industry’s best practices. We establish security governance frameworks, conduct compliance audits, and provide guidance on data privacy, ensuring you meet your legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Incident Response and Forensics: In the event of a security incident, our CSO is equipped to handle incident response and conduct forensic investigations. We promptly assess the situation, mitigate the impact, and guide remediation measures to prevent future incidents.

If you are interested in creating some accountability around your security and ensure your data is secure, we can have that same third-party to analyze your organization’s security.

This Level 1 Penetration Test can be performed remotely, with or without your current IT security company or department knowing. (Many organizations ask us to perform this assessment without alerting their current team because hackers do not give them a warning when they are about to break in.)

You may be thinking to yourself, “My current team has us covered.” If they do, great. You will have evidence. But would you expect an employee to write a contract and send it out without someone else reviewing it? More than likely, you expect them to have someone (probably a specialist like an attorney) review that contract to make sure nothing was missing before it was sent.

Why wouldn’t you expect the same amount of oversight for something as important as your Cybersecurity?

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