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Not only is having to quickly pivot to enable your teamwork remote HARD, but it has the potential to be a HUGE RISK to the business you worked so hard to build, since you are now exposed even more to hackers.

We want to help, so we put together a Remote Access Checklist to help you set up a safe and productive Work-From-Home technology solution. Fill in the form to the right to get INSTANT ACCESS to a brand-new Remote Access Checklist for you to use to help you set up a secure Work-From-Home solution.

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Workflow Monitoring

The rise of the remote workforce has brought increased focus on the need to monitor output and ensure productivity amongst a dispersed workforce.  Even if in your future plans, creating muscle memory here is critical.

Modern workforce is becoming more distributed; critically important in delivering productivity; coaching, etc.  Moving from “are you working?” to “how do you work?” i.e. improving workflows.

Digital transformation is forcing deeper analytics of digital processes but lacks the ability to instrument user behavior.  “Shadow IT”, “Application proliferation”, etc.

Cybersecurity solutions lack contextual insight and tend to ignore the human perimeter; 50% cyber-attacks are perpetrated by insiders.  Understanding risks from the end user perspective is essential.

Here Are 4 Areas We Can Help You!

  1. Productivity
    • Working Hours Reporting
    • Identify areas that time |resources are being lost |consumed.
    • Process Improvement |Business Alignment | “Focus”
  2. Usage & Security Alignment 
    • Shadow IT – security concerns
    • Time spent in each. % of time & relative importance of an application
    • Identify unclassified & new apps so they can be reviewed for approval
  3. Compliance
    • File transfer risks (cloud, USB, etc.)
    • View alarms triggered by user over time.
    • Verify that agents are reporting in.
  4. Collaboration & Knowledge Management
    • Understand Usage trends of messaging, email and communication applications (SLACK), etc.
    • Analyze common search activity, common terms/trends.

Employee Awareness Training

More than 90 percent of data breaches begin with a phishing attack, and everything a cybercriminal needs is available on the Dark Web to mount an effective phishing attack upon you. With our Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations, we help to avoid those attacks from landing.

Phishing Simulations

  • Check workers on how they'd react to real-life phishing attacks.
  • We randomly send a mock phishing email to all users of your domain.
  • Results and reviews of the phishing program must be submitted on a monthly basis to provide an summary of where the organization needs further training and other assistance.

Training & Awareness campaigns

  • Provides short yet striking videos covering key safety awareness concepts.
  • We will deliver weekly training videos on critical safety topics and threats to employees.
  • Each training course will end with a brief online quiz to check the employee's retention of the content.

The outcomes and analyses of the training and awareness programs will be provided on a monthly basis to track employee engagement and progress and to assess where the company needs further training and further assistance

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