Are You Concerned About the Safety of Your Digital World?

You're not alone. In today's interconnected landscape, safeguarding your data and privacy is important. That's where we come in.

Why a High-level Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Matters

Think of your Cybersecurity as the locks on your doors and windows. A risk assessment is like having a professional locksmith inspect them to ensure they're sturdy and secure. It's about identifying vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

What Does a High-level Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Entail?

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive examination of your digital infrastructure. We look for weak spots in your defenses and potential entry points for cyber threats and evaluate your current security measures.

What You'll Discover

When this 100% confidential test is complete, you will know:

  • IF you and your employees’ credentials, passwords and private information are being sold on the Dark Web (I can practically guarantee they are, and the information we dig up will shock you).
  • IF your IT systems and data are truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage by rogue employees.
  • IF your current backup would allow you to be back up and running again fast if ransomware locked all your files – 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed would NOT survive a ransomware attack.
  • If your remote employees are creating security holes in your network – the move to remote workers has left many companies and their computer networks completely open to hackers and malicious characters.
  • IF your IT systems, backup, and data handling meet strict compliance requirements for data protection.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way! Please remember that EVERYTHING WE DISCUSS AND DISCOVER WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

The Benefits Are Clear

By understanding your risks, you empower yourself to take proactive steps toward protection. Our assessment provides you with actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Take Control of Your Digital Security

Don't wait for a cyber incident to happen. Take the first step towards a safer digital future. Schedule your High-level Cybersecurity risk assessment today.

Roy & Aluska Richardson
Co-founders & Owners Aurora InfoTech

About Us

Aurora InfoTech brings more than 25+ years of experience to the market and has grown to rank among the world's top 250 MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) out of 80,000 MSSPs worldwide. Cybersecurity is an ever-changing landscape, and we are dedicated to staying vigilant.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Delivered With 5-Star Service

"Moving our company to our own facility meant that we also had to take on the responsibility of managing our own IT network.

Our data network is vital to our daily operations, so we knew that we needed to hire a qualified company to design, deploy, and secure our new IT Network. Aurora InfoTech did all of that and more for us… they knew everything about what we wanted and delivered it with 5-star service. Our move to the new building went without a hitch and near-zero downtime thanks to Aurora InfoTech."

Roger Collins Vice President
Collins Research Inc dba Flame Boss

Eliminated Slow & Spotty WIFI

"When we began experiencing slow and spotty WiFi access, we asked Aurora InfoTech to investigate the problem. Rather than explaining the cause to us in technical terms, they really went the extra mile by using heat maps and other tools to thoroughly illustrate how and why the issue was occurring.

Their proposed solutions and pricing options resolved our issue and within our budget. Since then, Aurora InfoTech has managed our network with immediate and reliable service."

Michael Weiss Associate Director
UCF Business Incubation Program

A Valued & Trusted Technology Partner

As a consultant, Aurora InfoTech is an extremely reliable business partner and works closely with us on solutions that are in the best interest of the company. I had the pleasure of working with one of their managing partners, Roy Richardson, who was insourced as an interim COO of our company.

His management of the entire Operations Department is commendable as was his understanding of the financial and operational aspects of not only the operations department, but the company in its entirety.

Christina Sprock Chief Commercial Officer
United Telecommunication Services