Cybersecurity is essential for any business, regardless of size or industry. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, or architecture, it doesn't matter–you could be anyone and still fall victim to a damaging cyber-attack. Many businesses don't take Cybersecurity seriously, resulting in losing a huge sum of money and their well-protected reputation.

Let's face it. Your employees are the backbone of your business. That's why their actions at work are very crucial when it comes to your Cybersecurity. They must be fully aware of all the security measures to help protect your digital assets. Doing so will ensure everyone is on board with keeping your business safe and sound.

As a leading defender against cyber threats, Aurora InfoTech invites you and your employees to a lunch and learn. In this event, we will explore the tactics of cyber criminals and how you can protect your business from their savvy hacking strategies.

What's In It for You?

This lunch and learn will cover the basic Cybersecurity questions you or your employees may have. It's a value-packed event that aims to spread Cybersecurity awareness in the simplest and easy-to-understand way. Our Vice President and speaker, Roy Richardson, brings you valuable information from his 25+ years of experience as a Cybersecurity expert.

Meet the Speaker

Roy Richardson is a co-founder, managing partner, and CTO of Aurora InfoTech LLC, a leading Cybersecurity & IT consulting firm in Orlando, Florida. His 25+ years of executive management & engineering experience in the Cybersecurity, IT, and telecommunication industries has given him a unique perspective that allows him to relate to a broad spectrum of business and technology challenges.

As easy as it is for cybercriminals to get their hands on your data, it is equally easy to stay protected, and it's as simple as learning from seasoned experts like Roy Richardson. As an educational speaker, author, and current managing partner of Orlando Cybersecurity and IT firm Aurora InfoTech, he is prepared to boost Cybersecurity awareness in your company and teach you how to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape of Cybersecurity.

If you've ever heard of ransomware, then you know how costly the effects of an attack can be enough to put your organization out of business. Investing in Lunch and Learn with Roy Richardson can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

You will not want to miss him speaking at this informative event! Don't forget to prepare your questions.

Reserve Your Spot

This is a limited opportunity. Call us today to reserve a lunch and learn with us this 2023. To book your schedule, dial (407) 995-6766.