In case you missed it, a segment on preventing Ransomware attacks was covered recently on 60 Minutes (CBS).

Ransomware attacks and related recovery costs increased sharply during the first quarter of 2019. According to a Coveware report, the average ransomware payout via Bitcoin increased by 90% when compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, while the average downtime and related costs increased to 7.3 days and $65K respectively. Despite the frequency of these attacks, if you implement safe cyber practices, you will most likely decrease the chances of your network being held hostage for a hefty ransom.

Managed security services providers (MSSP’s), like Aurora InfoTech, have the combined know-how, time, and resources to continuously monitor your network security and prevent vulnerabilities making it near impossible for ransomware to lock you out of your data. Outside of entrusting MSSP’s to keep your business safe, there are actually very easy ways to practice good “Cyber Hygiene”!

FBI’s Mike Christman suggested that much like our immune system, we can protect our computers against compromise by practicing good “cyber hygiene”!

Mike Christman was in charge of the FBI’s cybercrime unit, and with his experience, he was able to provide easy hygiene tips:

  1. Use two- or multi-factor authentication
  2. Use an external hard drive to back up your data offline
  3. Implement internal firewalls to prevent a complete system shutdown in the case of a breach
  4. Update your passwords regularly
  5. Limit remote access by employees or IT employees to avoid additional risks

Tom Pace, vice president at BlackBerry Cylance, also provided insight on phishing emails – the most common sources of ransomware attacks. If you receive hundreds of emails daily, it may be difficult to determine which emails are unsafe. Luckily, there are a few things you can look for:

  1. Misspelled word
  2. Strange word choices
  3. Odd links
  4. Unusual attachments, such as a zip file or .exe file

Lastly, Pace discussed the importance of keeping your computer software up to date. The process of doing so is called “patching” and prevents hackers from finding vulnerabilities in software like your operating system, Microsoft Word or Excel, and even Adobe Reader! An easy way to protect yourself is by listening to your computer when it tells you to update software.

As Pace mentioned, the vast majority of ransomware attacks happen through phishing emails opened by employees of a business. It’s important to train your team to remain vigilant and look for the signs, as well as to have a skilled team on the case, like an MSSP.

Ransomware may have taken its toll across different cities and organizations, but it needn’t affect your business. Here at Aurora InfoTech, we are experts that can ensure that your business does not become another headline on 60 Minutes!

Is your business prepared to deal with Ransomware and zero-day attacks?

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Roy Richardson

Roy Richardson

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Roy Richardson is a co-founder, Managing Partner, and CTO of Aurora InfoTech LLC, a leading Cybersecurity & IT consulting firm in Orlando, Florida. He is also a co-author of the Amazon Bestselling book, "Hack Proof Your Business", a Cybersecurity guide for business owners & executive leadership.

Roy has 20+ years of executive management & engineering experience in the Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Telecommunication industries. The vast experience he gained over the course of his career has given him a unique perspective that allows him to relate to a broad spectrum of business & technology challenges.


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