Silhouette of a hand holding a padlock infront of the facebook logo depicting Facebook security issues

Here's the skinny on the latest Facebook Security Breach, along with some steps you can take right now to protect your online profiles:

Facebook Security Breach - What's All the Hype?

Earlier this week, Facebook discovered a security issue that enabled attackers to steal the access tokens of close to 50 million Facebook users.

What are Facebook Access Tokens?

Access tokens are digital keys used by Facebook to establish trusted connections; They eliminate the need for repeated logins whenever you open a Facebook App. In other words, you log in once, and you're known & trusted until you log out.

How Do the Stolen Facebook Access Token Affect Me?

Because of the "trusted" status of the access tokens, they can be used by the attackers to take over your Facebook account(s). This means they could gain full control of your personal account & business pages, including changing the password and recovery answers to lock you out and do whatever they please -YIKES!

What's Facebook Doing About This?

According to a Facebook Blog Post, they have taken immediate actions to secure the platform and protect their users' security. As a security precaution, Facebook will require users to reset their passwords.

What Should I do?

At a minimum, you should change your password to Facebook and any other online service where you may have used the same password.

While it is estimated that up to 50 million user accounts were affected by the security breach, the investigation surrounding the access tokens' theft is still taking place.

However, given our tendency to reuse passwords across multiple services (sorry, but we all suffer from password exhaustion), the information gained by the attackers could very well add up to being their "Golden Loot!"

Here are some steps you can take right now to protect your online profiles:

Change your Facebook Password (IMMEDIATELY)!

Change Your Facebook Password to a complex password or, better yet, a passphrase you will remember but certainly one you have not used before!

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional security feature that helps protect your Facebook account. It protects your account by asking for a special login code in addition to your password. it can also alert you when someone tries to log in to your Facebook account from an unknown device.

Change your Password to other Online Services

If you currently use or have used the same password on other online services or websites, please also change those passwords! Once a hacker gains your information, they will use automated tools to find & infiltrate your other online profiles.

Use a Password Manager to Avoid Password Exhaustion

Do not REUSE PASSWORDS across sites & online services, as this makes it easy for hackers to compromise your entire online world! Instead, USE A PASSWORD MANAGER, like Dashlane, to help you create and store unique passwords for each of your online services.

Use Strong Passwords!

Read our blog post, "Use Strong Passwords," to learn more about passwords, passphrases, and other techniques & tools you can use to secure your online presence.

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