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In case you missed it, the IT systems of Eurofins Scientific detected a ransomware attack that ended up halting operations at one of their testing locations. Workers were sent home due to being locked out of their infected equipment. This unfortunate incident has led to IT teams taking servers and systems offline to mitigate the spread of the malware. It was reported to be a new strain, and the company had to deal with ongoing disruptions of service until restoration was accomplished.

You would think that a big international laboratory with an IT team would be able to avoid this kind of attack, but surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened to a laboratory collective. Last year, LabCorp was infected, making patient data vulnerable to the attackers.

In July 2018, a SamSam ransomware attack affected 7,000 systems and 1,900 servers before remediation was allowed to happen. It took days before LabCorp was able to recover, leading to delays in productivity.

So, if large research institutions are up for grabs, it is safe to say so are small businesses. As easy as it is for cybercriminals to get their hands on your data, it is also pretty easy to stay protected. It is important to back up data regularly, train employees to boost cybersecurity awareness in your company, and work with cybersecurity experts like Aurora InfoTech to stay ahead of the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Use resources available so that your small business is not at risk of failing after a ransomware attack. The effects can be costly – enough to put your organization out of business. Investing in resources like Aurora InfoTech can end up saving your business in the long run.

Is your business prepared to deal with Ransomware and zero-day attacks?

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Roy Richardson is a co-founder, Managing Partner, and CTO of Aurora InfoTech LLC, a leading Cybersecurity & IT consulting firm in Orlando, Florida. He is also a co-author of the Amazon Bestselling book, "Hack Proof Your Business", a Cybersecurity guide for business owners & executive leadership.

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